Friday, July 1, 2011

Huff And Puff 2

This is the real huff and puff my mom calls me huff and puff because well when I get mad I march down the hall huffing and puffing, I stole my moms iPad so yeah sh is sleeping right know you guys should comment saying "let al allyssia get a blogger" it would be AMA zing uhhh my cell number is 907 847582297593759375397582656 Yup, a little long but get over it and my adress is 7463645275436646:748838478374 allyssia is awesome lane. Lol anyway today I was walking with my friends and my friend named Josh was all like "do you guys know what bear poop looks like when it's like 5 years old? It's red. Because they eat to many berries." He is so random!!!!,!!,! Lol byee